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Welcome to A for Atelier! We’re a student-run art blog and your new hub for all the latest in art trends, culture, and news. At A for Atelier, we believe that the influence of art extends beyond the inner circles of high brow corporate collections and wordy artist statements into our daily lives. From the recent trends of virtual reality and experimental 360 video to the basics modern art, our aim is to open the doors of the art world to you and make the fine arts more accessible to the everyday person.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

A quick peek behind the curtain of our little Atelier…

We started this blog as 2 commerce students attending Queen’s University for our internet marketing class with the goal of sharing our love of the arts world with as many people as possible. Welcome to our curated tour of the art world; we hope you enjoy our blog and that we can help grow your art aptitude a little along the way.


My name is Karen and I am studying Commerce and Art History at Queen’s university. I grew up painting and have always enjoyed going to art galleries. Over the last summer, I worked at ING Wholesale Banking and was lucky enough to visit their corporate collection in Netherlands. That was the moment I realized Art is something bigger than just the pictures hang on the gallery walls. Just like any other component of media today, visual art continues to influence our society and can be used as a tool for different organizations to engage their audience. With this blog, I hope Jessica and I can give you a fun tour of different the events and collections that makes Art a relevant topic to everyone.


From the day I stepped foot in my first art gallery at the age of 6, I’ve been in love with the intricate stories that artists are able to weave through a sweep of their brush or the click of a camera. Since I don’t have a ton of professional or formal experience in the world of fine arts, I’ll be doing my best to bring the perspective of the ‘everyday’ art patron. I’ll be honest… I can’t paint a flower to save my life, but I can make a mean logo in Adobe Illustrator and color correct in Photoshop faster than you can say “A for Atelier”. Fun fact: I’m also a huge theatre nerd and have seen Phantom of the Opera 4 times now so be prepared for some Broadway references in my posts.


Thanks so much for your patronage to our blog & we hope to see you again soon!


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