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I think there is something about artists and art in general, at least in our current moment, that can be seen as a bridge between different disciplines, and as an interpreter or a mediator of all kinds of crucial issues. Located in Kingston, Ontario on the campus of Queen’s University, Agnes Etherington Art Centre is […]

We often hear people calling art or artists out as “pretentious”; is it true? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, pretentious is defined to be attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed which is exactly what art does. As we discussed in a previous post, many art movements came […]

It is a yesterday’s yet intriguing news: CIA and its art funds were behind the success of some of the most modern and contemporary artists. First confirmed by a former CIA agent in 1990s, CIA was reported to be a key patron, secretly providing financial and curating support to abstract artists including Jackson Pollock, Robert […]

Art has constantly evolved with us throughout the years, adapting and adopting the technology of the time as a medium to stay relevant in the societal context of the time. As virtual reality and augmented technology have made its way into the film and gaming industry, these trends have begun to make their way into […]

In light of Royal Bank of Canada’s reveal of the winner for its 19th annual Canadian Painting Competition, we would like to do a brief introduction to corporate sponsorship for emerging artists using RBC as an example. Trying to explore a little more into the rationale behind such sponsorship and how it might make sense […]

Let’s get the facts straight. Modern art doesn’t refer to art created in the 20th or 21st century; it turns out that modern art isn’t as synonymous to contemporary as we thought. Modern art actually refers to art created between the 1860s and 1960s encompassing a slew of art movements and ideas that influence many […]

Attracting over 1 million visitors to Downtown Toronto across the globe, Nuit Blanche is one of the most celebrated art events in Canada. Two weeks ago, Jessica and I, just like many other students at the event, bussed over from Kingston and stayed up all night for over 100 installations around the city. As much […]

Welcome to A for Atelier! We’re a student-run art blog and your new hub for all the latest in art trends, culture, and news. At A for Atelier, we believe that the influence of art extends beyond the inner circles of high brow corporate collections and wordy artist statements into our daily lives. From the […]